Salvaging the Mythology of Man-Caused Global Warming

Reported By on 2011-12-01

“Recently, the media Knights Templar of the religious orthodoxy of man-caused global warming made a contrived pass at reviving flagging public respect for their fading catechism. The occasion was massively overhyped and misrepresented reporting of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project. But all that was new from that project was the departures from the official catechism….The truth is a vigorous global scientific debate persists over whether mans use of carbon-based fuels threatens to cause catastrophic global warming, and the media not reporting that is not performing journalism….So the scientific foundation for shutting down our modern, 21st century, industrial economy has been obliterated. But that is not stopping religious crusaders, due to the extremist ideology and special interests driving the global warming charade.”