Sorry Global Warming Alarmists, The Earth is Cooling

Reported By on 2012-05-31

“Climate change itself is already in the process of definitively rebutting climate alarmists who think human use of fossil fuels is causing ultimately catastrophic global warming. That is because natural climate cycles have already turned from warming to cooling, global temperatures have already been declining for more than 10 years, and global temperatures will continue to decline for another two decades or more….”

Global warming skeptics as knowledgeable about science as climate change believers, study says

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“As respondents science literacy scores increased, their concern with climate change decreased…. Peoples cultural views – how much they value things like individualism and equality — affect their views on global warming much more than actual knowledge about science.”

No Need to Panic About Global Warming

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An open letter signed by 16 qualified scientists. “… Speaking for many scientists and engineers who have looked carefully and independently at the science of climate, we have a message to any candidate for public office: There is no compelling scientific argument for drastic action to “decarbonize” the world’s economy. Even if one accepts the inflated climate forecasts of the IPCC, aggressive greenhouse-gas control policies are not justified economically….”