The godfather of global warming lowers the boom on climate change hysteria

Reported By on 2012-06-23

Lovelock “says its now clear the doomsday predictions, including his own (and Al Gore’s) were incorrect. He responds to attacks on his revised views by noting that, unlike many climate scientists who fear a loss of government funding if they admit error, as a freelance scientist, hes never been afraid to revise his theories in the face of new evidence. Indeed, thats how science advances.”

Professor fired after expressing climate change skepticism

Reported By Fox News on 2012-06-20

“Oregon State University chemistry professor Nicholas Drapela was fired without warning three weeks ago and has still been given no reason for the universitys decision….In 2007, Drapela began giving talks on his own climate change skepticism. He often and openly questioned the science behind man-made global warming…. Speculation has abounded that Drapela was fired for being a global warming critic.”

Climate skeptic instructor fired from Oregon State University

Reported By on 2012-06-11

“We learned over the weekend that chemist Nickolas Drapela, PhD has been summarily fired from his position as a Senior Instructor in the Department of Chemistry….Dr. Drapela is an outspoken critic of the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming, the official religion of the State of Oregon, the Oregon Democratic Party, and Governor John Kitzhaber….OSU climate research has grown to be a huge business, reportedly $90 million per year with no real deliverables beyond solid academic support for climate hysteria.”