Pelosi Deserves a Big Pay Cut

The “sequester” we’ve been hearing about, that will force federal budget cuts across most federal agencies, will also include cuts to Congressional compensation.

Perhaps having their own bottom line threatened will get them to pass a budget. Hopefully a reasonable one. (I’m not holding my breath.)

But Pelosi doesn’t think Congressional pay cuts should be part of the penalty. She believes pay cuts are beneath her “dignity”.

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Good Riddance

Christopher Dorner is probably dead, his charred body found in the cabin he apparently set on fire after shooting himself [ref].

Good riddance.

He killed innocent people. He was a terrorist. He was a psychopath.

I don’t care whether he could have been medically declared insane or not. Anybody who murders innocent people as Dorner did is psychologically messed up.

Sadly, there are people almost as crazy as Dorner was who are trying to justify his actions, even calling him a hero [ref].

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Homeowner shoots intruder high on meth

Reported By on 2013-02-11 

“The suspect, Brian L. Creed, entered the home and started down a hallway toward the homeowner, who was standing outside the bedroom door to protect his wife. When the homeowner told the suspect to stop, Creed chose to charge the homeowner….  Creed had recently moved into a house nearby and admitted that he had used methamphetamine earlier in the day….”