Over 30 inches of snow on Memorial Day weekend

Reported By www.theatlanticwire.com on 2013-05-26 

“It’s a snowy Memorial Day weekend for parts of the U.S. On the aptly named Whiteface Mountain in upstate New York, there are at least 34 inches of snow on the ground…. Snowfall in the north east this late in the season hasn’t been unheard of since then: the area tends to get some late season snowfall every 5-10 years. Just not nearly as much as this time.” [I bet those global warming alarmists are relieved that they renamed their crusade “climate change”, which also helps prevent them from embarking on ice age hysteria like they did in the 1970s.]

To The Horror Of Global Warming Alarmists, Global Cooling Is Here

Reported By www.forbes.com on 2013-05-26

“At first the current stall out of global warming was due to the ocean cycles turning back to cold. But something much more ominous has developed over this period. Sunspots run in 11 year short term cycles, with longer cyclical trends of 90 and even 200 years. The number of sunspots declined substantially in the last 11 year cycle, after flattening out over the previous 20 years. But in the current cycle, sunspot activity has collapsed….”

Woman uses gun to scare off three home invaders

Reported By www.kmbc.com on 2013-05-24

“A south Kansas City woman fired shots at a group of people she said was trying to break into her home. …She heard someone jiggle the knob of the front door. The woman said she saw two other men heading to the back door.The woman said she peered through the blinds and saw the men putting on gloves and raising their feet to try to kick their way through the sliding glass doors. She said she pulled the trigger and fired straight ahead. The woman said the men ran off, firing shots toward the house….”

Homeowner kills burglar

Reported By www.kxlh.com on 2013-05-23

“At around 2:40 in the afternoon, a 911 call came in from [a] homeowner…. He said he had just shot an intruder who was trying to burglarize his home. After shooting him once in the chest, the homeowner said the intruder broke through a window to get out of the home. He then drove his getaway car into a chain link fence where he died of his injuries…. Shortly after authorities got that call, they received other calls of burglaries in the area….”

Toledo woman apprehends attempted home invader

Reported By ABC News on 2013-05-22

“At 4:45 in the morning [a man] started heading toward [Betty Collins’] house, then started kicking the door, trying to get inside. ‘I screamed as loud as I could, ‘get off my porch. I have a gun. I will shoot you.’ And he stayed at the door,’ explained Collins. ‘I’m like, ‘Get off my porch. I have a gun. I will shoot you.’ He didn’t move, so I opened the door and there he was standing 5 inches from the barrel of a loaded .357… I said, ‘Get on the ground.’ and he got on his knees. I said, ‘no, put your face in the dirt and you’re gonna stay there.’,’ recounted Collins….”

Girl stabbed but uses gun to scare off attacker

Reported By Fox News on 2013-05-22

“26-year-old Samantha Minehart was stabbed while feeding the horse in her family’s barn. She was stabbed in the stomach and leg resulting in 11 stitches.  Samantha says the man left as she fired two shots, missing him both times. …Samantha was carrying a gun because they’ve had problems before….”