Father protects family by killing two armed intruders

Reported By www.click2houston.com on 2013-06-30

“Police said three men broke into an apartment, demanded money and showed a gun, but what they didn’t know is the resident also had a gun and shot two of them to death.Neighbors at Oak Leaf Village heard gunshots around 4:30 p.m. Sunday. Houston police said there was a home invasion at one of the apartments. Lila Pena’s husband, Javier Ortiz, got out his gun and fatally shot two of the men….”

Louisiana homeowner fatally shoots armed home intruder

“Two armed men kicked open the front door or a Lafayette, La., home early Wednesday morning and were greeted by a homeowner who opened fire, killing one of the suspects…. two masked suspects were armed with handguns forced their way into the home. Once inside the home, the suspects exchanged gunfire with the home owner, he said.One of the suspects was fatally shot and the second suspect ran from the scene….”

10-year-old NY boy chases away home invaders with their own gun

Reported By www.washingtonpost.com on 2013-06-04

“A 10-year-old boy picked up a gun that was dropped in his home by a would-be robber dressed as a deliveryman and fired a shot, helping to chase away the intruder and a partner…. The intruders went upstairs to the second floor. A woman, the owner of the home, then slammed a bedroom door on one of the men’s arms.The man dropped his gun, police said, and it was picked up by the owner’s son, who fired a round that hit a wall….”

May God Damn Planned Parenthood

Recently President Obama became the first sitting president to deliver a keynote address to Planned Parenthood. The same man who a few weeks prior publicly lamented the death of even a single child, practically sang praises to one of history’s largest mass murderers of children, and concluded his adulation of the assembled abortionists with “God bless you” [ref, ref].

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