Justice Severed

Almost everything about the Zimmerman Martin saga reeks of injustice.
Everything except the verdict.
Perhaps the biggest injustice of all — certainly the most public — was when a very un-presidential Obama declared that if he had a son, his son would look like Trayvon Martin. This outrageous and extremely ill-advised statement fueled the flames of bigotry and intolerance that already senselessly raged around the incident.

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The Truth is Not in Them

Suppose you manage a store, and you need to hire a cashier. You post a wanted ad, and receive numerous replies. You narrow your list to a few candidates you think are the most qualified, and personally interview each one. One of your leading candidates happens to have prior experience working somewhere you had also worked. During his interview he makes some false statements about his experience there. Do you hire him?
Heck no.

Would you trust him with your money and your customers? I wouldn’t.

“He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is also in much” (Luke 16:10).

In other words, someone who is not trustworthy in small matters, is not someone you can trust with larger things.

Armed doggy door intruder flees from armed homeowner

Reported By www.lakeconews.com on 2013-07-02

 “The Lake County [CA] Sheriff’s Office has reported that an attempted home invasion robbery Sunday resulted in gunshots being fired by a resident of the home…. Occupants of the home reportedly told deputies that they had head what sounded like someone gaining entry into the house through the dog door, Brooks said…. A male resident then armed himself and went to investigate the noise finding a male subject crawling through the dog door into the residence, Brooks reported. The resident of the home was holding what appeared to be a firearm, according to Brooks’ report. At that point the resident questioned the would-be robber, who began lifting the firearm towards the home invasion victim. Brooks said the resident then fired twice. The alleged robber immediately retreated from the dog door and ran from the residence, Brooks said. The resident then noticed a second suspect in the middle of the yard. According to the report the second suspect began raising what the resident thought to be a weapon and the resident responded by firing two more times causing the second suspect to flee on foot….”