Money Money Manziel

Johnny Manziel played brilliantly in the second half of Texas A&M’s opener against Rice. He is a very talented football player.

But he shouldn’t have been out there.

The NCAA investigated Manziel’s autograph signing, supposedly found no evidence of Manziel taking money for signing autographs, and barely slapped him on the wrist with a 1/2 game suspension for failing to prevent others from making money from his likeness.

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Jail in Germany for home-schooling

Reported by The Blaze on 2013-08-30

The Romeike family’s very public legal battle has brought to light the homeschooling community’s ongoing battle inside Germany. Educating children in this manner is illegal in the European nation, which led Uwe and Hannelore Romeike to inevitably seek refuge. While the family’s battle for asylum in the U.S. continues, there’s another story coming out of Germany that will likely send chills down the spines of homeschooling advocates. On Thursday, Dirk and Petra Wunderlich reportedly saw authorities storm their home and remove their four children, ages seven to 14. The offense? Continuing to homeschool their children, despite the government’s laws against doing so.

Absolutely outrageous, and an extremely blatant violation of fundamental rights. By all the laws of God and nature, parents MUST have the privilege to choose to home school their children. Any government that denies that right is despotic and evil. Period.

More Certain than Death and Taxes

For failure to pay a tax penalty approximately equivalent to the cost of a fast food meal — $6.30 — the $280,000 home of a widow in western Pennsylvania was auctioned off for $116,000 [ref].

While I believe that people should pay their taxes (and vote for fiscally-conservative politicians who will rein in spending and lower taxes), I find it incredibly outrageous that such a meager unpaid amount would result in such a harsh penalty.

To me, this case speaks volumes about the sad state of our country.

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Domino’s pizza delivery man shoots, kills armed robber

Reported By on 2013-08-24 

 “54-year-old Bryon Park of Palm Bay had just returned to his vehicle after delivering a Domino’s pizza to a room in the motel complex when he was approached by 32-year-old Frederick Kelly brandishing a large knife. Kelly allegedly demanded money from Park and threatened to kill him if he did not comply. Brevard County spokesperson Lieutenant Tod Goodyear said in a release that Park then obtained the firearm he carries in his vehicle and defended himself. Kelly was pronounced dead at the scene.  According to the Sheriff’s Office, Kelly has a lengthy violent criminal history that includes armed robbery, aggravated battery and false imprisonment….”