Co-author of draft UN climate change report resigns with objections

Reported By Fox News on 2014-03-28 

 “One of the authors of a draft United Nations report aimed at helping governments reach an international climate agreement has pulled out of the writing team, claiming his colleagues were being too alarmist about the threat of climate change…. Richard Tol, a professor of economics at Sussex University in England, said he disagreed with some findings of the summary to be released later this month in Japan, where scientists from 100 countries are currently meeting to edit and approve the report….”

Man with rifle drives off 3 armed home invaders

Reported By on 2014-03-28 

“A man fought back against a home invasion by three men, one of whom was shot during the violent confrontation early Friday morning…. Around 2 a.m. … men broke into the house, and a resident inside was pistol-whipped. The victim was then able to grab a rifle and fire back at the suspects, hitting one of them in the chest. Investigators said the wounded suspect showed up at a hospital near New Castle a short time later. He was said to be in critical condition. None of the three residents of the home was hurt….”

Pizza delivery driver thwarts armed robbers with gun of his own

Reported By on 2014-03-26 

“A Jet’s Pizza delivery driver fired shots at two men who attempted to rob him Saturday night when they posed as customers…. The driver was making a delivery … when one of the males grabbed him and the other produced a handgun and demanded his money. Police said the driver, who lawfully possesses a firearm, shot at the suspects, then fled the area and called 911. The suspects also fled the area in a waiting vehicle. One of the suspects, Clarence Sanders, 27, of Detroit, was later located at a local hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, and another suspect was arrested Monday night….”

Armed customer stops man stabbing home depot security officer

Reported By on 2014-03-25 

“A customer with a handgun stopped a shoplifting suspect from slashing a security officer with a contaminated needle and syringe outside a Home Depot store in Roseville, police said…. Joshua J. Silva, 26, was arrested a short time after the incident…. Silva began to fight with store loss prevention officers in the parking lot when they tried to apprehend him for stuffing a $179 battery-powered drill under his coat. Silva pulled a concealed syringe from his jacket and used it as a weapon, swinging it around in a slashing motion…. A customer with a concealed pistol license saw the fight, pulled out his handgun and told Silva to drop the syringe and get on the ground. Silva stopped fighting and sat down in the parking lot….”

Fatal self-defense shooting on rise in Detroit

Reported By on 2014-03-25 

“A northwest Detroit homeowner on Tuesday fatally shot two men he said were trying to break into his west-side house…. Detroit has traditionally had a large percentage of the nation’s justifiable homicides by citizens. In 2012, the last year for which national figures are available, there were 25 justifiable homicides in Detroit, which made up 8 percent of the 310 seen nationwide. Last year, there were 15 justifiable homicides in the city…. Detroit Police Chief James Craig said at a press conference last week that in his 37-year career, he’s never seen as many homeowners defending themselves by shooting intruders. Craig told The News in January he felt the crime rate could be lowered if more good Americans were armed, because he said criminals would think twice about attacking….”

Occam’s Razor and Climate Change

Reported By on 2014-03-22 

 “So why does applying the principle of Occam’s Razor force us to reject the theory that anthropogenic CO2 is the main driver of contemporary climate change? The reason is that nature has produced periods of warming similar to the recent warming, without any significant contribution from Anthropogenic CO2…. As Professor Phil Jones of the CRU once admitted in an interview with the BBC, the instrumental record contains periods of warming which are statistically indistinguishable from the 1990s warming – periods of warming which cannot have been driven by anthropogenic CO2, because they occurred before humans had made a significant changes to global CO2 levels….”

IPCC scientists knew data and science inadequacies contradicted certainties presented to media, public and politicians, but remained silent

 Reported By on 2014-03-21 

“Realities about climate models [are that] they don’t and can’t work because data, knowledge of atmospheric, oceanographic, and extraterrestrial mechanisms, and computer capacity are all totally inadequate. Computer climate models are a waste of time and money…. Inadequacies are confirmed by the complete failure of all forecasts, predictions, projections, prognostications, or whatever they call them. It is one thing to waste time and money playing with climate models in a laboratory, where they don’t meet minimum scientific standards, it is another to use their results as the basis for public policies where the economic and social ramifications are devastating. Equally disturbing and unconscionable is the silence of scientists involved in the IPCC who know the vast difference between the scientific limitations and uncertainties and the certainties produced in the Summary for Policymakers (SPM). IPCC scientists knew of the inadequacies from the start….”

Lord Monckton Responds to Climate Alarmist

On March 13, 2014, an assistant professor of philosophy at the Rochester Institute of Technology published an opinion piece asserting that imprisonment should be the fate of scientists and organizations that dispute the “scientific consensus” that man-made climate change will lead to catastrophe. [ref]

Lawrence Torcello is typical of desperate climate change alarmists who would rather silence opposition that argue inconvenient facts and defend hopelessly flawed models and wildly inaccurate predictions.

British Lord Monckton of Brenchley wrote a brilliant open letter to officials at the Rochester Institute of Technology, debunking Torcello’s claims and calling Torcello out for conduct contradictory to the ideals of free speech espoused by the US Constitution and the college, and for violations of the college’s academic standards.

Here is Lord Monckton’s letter in its entirety:

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Homeowner shoots, kills intruder

Reported By on 2014-03-17 

“A Missoula man was shot and killed early Monday while he was apparently burglarizing a residence northwest of Corvallis…. The resident reported that he was awakened by noises in and around the house shortly before 4 a.m. When the resident went to investigate, he found a man climbing through a window that had just been broken. When the resident ordered the intruder not to move, the man turned toward him. The resident was armed with a handgun and shot the intruder, who then jumped back through the broken window and ran away from the house. When sheriff’s deputies arrived, they found the man lying on the ground a short distance from the house. Paramedics rendered aid immediately, but the intruder could not be revived and was pronounced dead at the scene….”

Recently armed coffee shop owner frightens off burglar

Reported By on 2014-03-17 

“After the third robbery in a month Sunday night, the owner of Spokane’s Jitterz Java on Northwest Boulevard has had enough and says the next person to try may end up face to face with a gun. Sara Chapel says some of her employees are already bringing their own guns to work, no matter what shift they are working. But after Sunday, they were will always be a gun at the coffee stand. In the most recent burglary, a man aggressively tried to open a window at the stand and appeared to have a gun. The barista kept the window locked, grabbed her gun and called police. The man took off before police arrived….”