Armed good Samaritan prevents purse snatching

Reported By on 2014-04-29 

 “A mother out with her two children to go shopping became the victim of would-be purse snatchers, but a good Samaritan armed with a gun came to the rescue…. This lady opens her car door, grabs the woman’s purse and they reverse. While they’re trying to reverse, the lady is holding on to her purse still, chasing them…. That’s when a perfect stranger intervened. He happened to be in his car in the parking lot when it happened. [He] came out, drew his weapon and scared them. And that’s when he pulled them out of the car…. A few minutes later, police arrived and took the male and female suspects into custody…. No one was injured.”

Recently armed woman shoots intruder

Reported By on 2014-04-29 

“A homeowner on Detroit’s west side is thankful that she got her concealed weapons permit last year. The 50-year-old woman used it to fend off an intruder early Tuesday morning…. The woman heard someone trying to break in around 12:30 a.m. She immediately called 911 and grabbed her handgun…. The woman repeatedly warned the suspect that she had a gun. Police say the 24-year-old man used a crowbar to break a rear window at the home. After he made his way into the home, she opened fire. She was still on the phone with the 911 operator…. Police say the suspect was hit in the arm and was taken to the hospital. At last check, he was in temporarily serious condition…. This was the first break-in at the home. The woman has lived there for more than 20 years. Her brother is glad she took his advice and got a gun for protection last year.”

What Silver Should Do About Sterling

Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, was allegedly recorded making racist comments during a private conversation with his “girlfriend”. Now, just about everybody is calling for Sterling’s head, and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is under tremendous pressure to severely punish Sterling.¬†What should Silver do to Sterling?

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Lands of the Free

I don’t know all the history and details of the Bundy cattle ranch controversy, but I do know one thing for certain: It’s high time the federal government relinquished its control over so-called “federal” lands.

Absolutely contrary to the Founder’s idea of federalism, the federal government has become a monolithic power whose tentacles invade and pervade everything, everywhere. Over the years states have willingly and unwillingly relinquished rights and powers to the federal government, including control of land within their own borders.

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Justice Robs Mercy in Missouri

Photo by Missouri Dept. of Corrections

Cornealious Anderson was 24 when he made an incredibly bad decision. He and a cousin used a BB gun to rob a restaurant manager on his way to deposit money at the bank. Anderson was caught, sentenced to 13 years in prison, and sent home to await instructions for reporting to prison. The instructions never came.

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Chicken Little ‘science’

Reported By Fox News on 2014-04-17 

“The cult centered on ‘global warming’ alarmism is getting hot under the collar. People seem to have stopped paying attention and polls show ‘climate change’ barely registers on a list of voters’ concerns. This can only mean, as losing politicians like to say, that their message isn’t getting through. What to do? Why shout louder, of course….”

Pizza delivery man uses gun to fight off robbers

Reported By on 2014-04-15 

“They messed with the wrong pizza guy. A gang of robbers attacked a pizza deliveryman just before 10:30 p.m. Monday as he brought food to a house…. In the front hallway of the house, one of the robbers, who wore a mask and had a brown hoodie pulled over his face, hit the deliveryman on the head with a hammer…. The masked man also displayed what appeared to be a gun…. But then, the deliveryman … pulled out his own handgun and fired a shot, striking the masked man. The rest of the gang scattered….”

Armed family kills home invader who ignored warning shot

Reported By Fox News on 2014-04-07 

 “A man breaking into a [Florida] home Monday morning was shot and killed by the family living there…. It happened at a little before 7 a.m…. A mother, father, and son woke up to the sound of someone, identified by police as 40-year-old Mitchell Large, trying to get in through a porch door…. One of the family members fired a warning shot….The intruder didn’t retreat…. Large made it into the kitchen. But by then,three members of the Pena family were armed….”

Off-duty officer shoots, kills man stabbing another man

Reported By on 2014-04-04 

 “An armed off-duty officer shot and killed a suspect after she walked upon a stabbing scene late Friday morning in … downtown Dallas…. The incident began when two employees at a business on the street attempted to escort a suspicious man they discovered within a fenced in area off their property…. The suspect began attacking the male employee with a knife …. The female employee began screaming for help and called 911…. An off-duty officer, Sgt. Jackie Moore, had just parked her car … when saw [the assailant] repeatedly stabbing the employee…. Moore said she ordered him to stop and drop his weapon. When [the assailant] continued to move towards her, she fired at the suspect….[The assailant] was pronounced dead at the scene….”

Woman shoots and kills knife-wielding home invader

Reported By on 2014-04-04 

“One person is dead and a second is under arrest after a robbery early Friday morning in [Alabama] in which the homeowner fired shots. Authorities say 18-year-old Marbury resident Mikel Steven Smith of Marbury was killed when he tried to force his way into a home overnight in the Booth community…. Smith was armed with a knife when he tried to break into the home…. The female homeowner feared for her safety, and for that of her niece, when she fired several shots at the intruder…. Responding officers found Smith’s body about 30 feet away from the home. He was pronounced dead….”