Great Lakes Area Residents Prepare for More Snow

 Reported By on 2014-11-20 

“Two days after a major lake-effect snow event dumped more than 60 inches of snow on areas south of Buffalo, killing at least 10 people and stranding others in vehicles for more than 24 hours, residents are being warned that another two or three feet of snowfall could be on the way. ‘We are expecting up to another 2 feet or so in the Lake Erie snowbelts through early Friday,’ said senior meteorologist Jon Erdman. ‘However, the heaviest snow will fall to the south of the most snow-beleaguered areas of the Buffalo Southtowns.’ Snow also fell in other Great Lakes states, including northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where up to two feet of snow blew ashore.

Three armed home invaders repelled by armed homeowners

Reported By on 2014-11-20 

“A 62-year-old man and his 66-year-old wife were home … the woman taking a bath…. Three men knocked on the door and then forced their way inside when the man, who didn’t recognize them, tried to close the door, police said. One of the intruders was armed with a knife, another with a gun. They beat the man, who needed stitches to close a head wound, and cut his wife’s hand after dragging her out of the bathtub…. The intruders then tied up the couple before searching the house for valuables, police said. At one point the robbers went outside, and the man was able to free himself and lock the front door. He and his wife then retreated to their bedroom and locked that door as well…. The bandits broke through the front door, firing a shot as they did so…. The man retrieved his own gun from a lock box and fired two shots when a pair of the bandits forced the bedroom door open…. Police believe the man hit one of the robbers, who then fled. An hour or so later in Federal Way, police were called to the scene of a dead man with gunshot wounds in the parking lot of an apartment complex….”

Husband defends self and wife from armed group of men

Reported By on 2014-11-17 

“One person is recovering from a gunshot would after a shooting in Hartford on Friday night. According to Hartford Police Chief Anne Ward, the man was shot after he and group of men approached a couple as they were returning home. The group of men was allegedly armed. Police say the husband then fired one shot at a group of men, hitting one in the nose. His injuries are non-life threatening….”

Early season snow wreaks havoc in Southern United States

Reported By on 2014-11-01

 “An early season snow is combining with gusty winds to cause power outages, road closures and other adverse impacts across the South. At the peak of the snow, tens of thousands of people were without power in South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia  According to senior meteorologist Jonathan Erdman, the unique combination of snow, wind and the time of year is contributing to these power outages….”

So much for global warming, eh? Oh, sorry, “Climate Change”. Of course the alarmists can now attribute any weather to climate change, how convenient. Even though historically, long before man could have any impact, there were, surprise, surprise, early season snow storms in the South.