South Carolina sheriff takes boy hunting & fishing

Reported by Fox News on December 30, 2014

A 9-year-old boy is on an ‘awesome’ hunting trip in South Carolina after mistakenly asking a Pennsylvania sheriff to teach him how to hunt. Alex Collins flew to Chester, S.C., Monday to hunt with Chester County Sheriff Alex Underwood for two days. The sheriff took Alex shopping for boots, pants, a camouflage jacket and a fishing tackle box. Then he lent Alex his favorite rifle and showed the boy how to hold it safely. After that they had a hearty breakfast and ventured into the deep woods to look for deer…. Underwood has a program where he offers to take kids hunting and fishing. The boy’s mother saw the offer on Facebook but when she saw Chester County she thought it was Chester County in Pennsylvania. That’s where she and her son live…. Alex and his mother dropped off hand-written letters to the sheriff in Chester County, Pennsylvania, Carolyn Welsh, just minutes before the deadline…. Alex was crestfallen when he was told about the mix-up. But that’s when Welsh contacted Underwood…. The two sheriffs and their deputies are chipping in for Alex’ trip and his hunting gear….

Snow may disrupt New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

 Reported By Fox News on 2014-12-30 

“If Sin City’s sports books took bets on the weather, snow in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve would normally have terrible odds. It might pay out this year, though, if the white flurries start falling on the Strip’s desert-dwelling casinos as expected Wednesday night. Those huddled in New York City to watch the ball drop could expect a mostly sunny Wednesday with a low of 27 degrees by evening. No chance of snow. But forecasts in Las Vegas pinned the area’s chances on New Year’s Eve snow at 70 percent, along with a 32-degree low….”

Homeowner beaten with axe handle fatally kills man trying to break in

Reported By on 2014-12-29 

 “A homeowner … shot and killed one of two masked men who were attempting to break into his house late Sunday night. Investigators said the 74-year-old victim was beaten with an ax handle before he opened fire. Police said the incident happened around 9 p.m…. Investigators said [the criminals] disabled the victim’s power, knocked on the door and hid near the man’s residence. When the victim walked outside to see what may have happened, at least one of the men attacked him…. Officers said that’s when the homeowner fired several shots at the pair….”

Do Black Lives Matter?

In the aftermath of Ferguson, and after the death of Eric Garner in New York City, “Black Lives Matter” has become a rallying cry for protesters. The slogan’s overt accusation is that whites and so-called white institutions, such as police departments and government in general, don’t value the lives of black citizens.

Let’s first examine the claim that police officers don’t value black lives. The protesters would have us believe there is an epidemic of police killing blacks. Is there?

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Burglars fatally shot after ignoring homeowner’s warning

Reported By on 2014-12-27 

“Neighbors say there’s a serious crime problem in the neighborhood where people broke into a home Saturday morning. A homeowner shot and killed two suspected burglars when they came inside…. [A] third person who also was inside got away…. Neighbors [say] they’re used to people breaking into their homes. One man says it’s been a problem for 20 years…. The homeowner gave verbal warnings for the men to stop coming toward him but the men refused. The homeowner shot several times killing two of them….”

Officer kills gunman in bar parking lot

Reported by Chron on December 26, 2014

More than 100 bar patrons swarmed a crime scene and some may have thrown bottles early Friday after a Texas City police officer shot and killed an armed man. The officer arrived at H.T.’s Lounge in Texas City after police received a call about 1:20 a.m. from the bar manager asking for help, police spokesman Cpt. Joe Stanton said. As he arrived, the officer saw a man firing a handgun at patrons leaving through the front door of the bar, Stanton said. The man pointed his gun at the officer, who killed him by firing several shots. Two other officers arrived shortly after the first and they called for assistance. Officers from Galveston, La Marque and the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office arrived to control a crowd that had swelled to more than 100, police said….

Credit to the officer for handling a dangerous situation, and eliminating the threat. When a man has a gun and is shooting at people, and then points the gun at you, there’s really not much else  you can do. Extra credit for getting a thug off the streets permanently.


Armed apartment dwellers thwart armed home invaders

Reported By on 2014-12-26 

 “Howard running back Terrence Tusan was one of two suspects killed Sunday in a home-invasion robbery at a Denton, Texas, apartment complex. Tusan, who was at home on holiday break from the Washington D.C., school, was killed along with 18-year-old Jakobi Dmon Gipson. Police say three men forced their way into an apartment and gunfire broke out, leaving two suspects dead and two residents wounded. The third suspect fled and reportedly remains at large…. Police recovered two guns, one belonging to a victim and another belonging to a suspect….”

Concealed carry motorist stops man from beating woman

Reported By on 2014-12-26 

 “A motorist who said he saw a man in another car beating a woman forced the man out of the car at gunpoint Friday and held him until officers arrived…. The officers found two men outside their vehicles in the middle of the roadway…. One was pointing a gun at the other…. The man with the gun told police that he had seen the other man assaulting a female passenger. When both vehicles stopped, the man with the gun got out and pointed it at the other man and held him there for police….”

They are not the type of tickets you think

Reported by Fox News on December 24, 2014

After a rough year spent in and out of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for a rare, life-threatening condition, a Saukville teenager got a Christmas surprise from her dad. The big surprise wasn’t only the gift — but how he delivered it. It all started back on November 21st, when Audra Daniloff was pulled over by a Saukville police officer (see complete video below). The officer told her at the time, it was because she rolled through a stop sign. In reality, it was a set-up. ‘I got some good news and some bad news for you, okay?’ said the officer. ‘The bad news, first I am giving you two tickets. But they are not the type of tickets you think. One is a plane ticket to New York. The other is a concert ticket for your favorite band….


Woman kills armed home invader

Reported By on 2014-12-24 

“A man is dead and another on the run after an attempted home invasion. Officers responded to a home … where they saw 22-year-old Nico Carlisle with multiple gunshot wounds lying at the front door. Officials pronounced Carlisle dead at the scene. Investigators say Carlisle and another man knocked on the door, then forced their way inside when a woman answered the door. Carlisle then put a gun to the woman’s neck. The homeowner grabbed a handgun before going to investigate the commotion, and fired multiple shots at the men, hitting Carlisle. The second man escaped and has not been identified….”