The 2nd Amendment: Liberal Edition

Leftist (so-called liberal) arguments against the Second Amendment’s guarantee of private citizens owning modern firearms are so incredibly ridiculous they wouldn’t be worth debating if they weren’t so dangerous to liberty.

Fortunately, it is ridiculously easy to destroy the leftist arguments, as they have zero basis in reason, logic or history. And what better way to destroy their arguments than to mock them in the process? This video does that beautifully. Enjoy!

Cold enough for a lake ice airport

Reported By The Blaze on 2015-02-28

 “Winter on New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee means ice fishing, hockey tournaments and, if the ice is strong enough, airplanes…. Dozens of pilots from all over the Northeast took advantage of a rare, sunny, storm-free Saturday to touch down on the frozen lake, the only ice runway in the lower 48 states approved by the Federal Aviation Administration….”

Elderly man fatally shoots intruder

;Reported By on 2015-02-27 

 “One person dead after a 71-year-old … was forced to defend himself in his home…. The homeowner says a stranger kicked in his door, but didn’t get any farther than that…. When police arrived, they found the suspect dead on the porch.  They say the door had visible evidence of someone forcing their way in.  They say the homeowner stopped him with a single shot. ‘Somebody kicks in your door and they’re coming in your house, you don’t have to wait for them to come in your house,’ said Columbus Police Sergeant Rich Weiner….”

Cops and lawyers falsely accuse man who handed a summons to a cop

Reported by WWLTV on February 25, 2015

One of the worst days of Douglas Dendinger’s life began with him handing an envelope to a police officer…. Dendinger agreed to act as a process server, giving a brutality lawsuit filed by his nephew to Chad Cassard as the … police officer exited the Washington Parish Courthouse. The handoff went smoothly, but Dendinger said the reaction from Cassard, and a group of officers and attorneys clustered around him, turned his life upside down. ‘It was like sticking a stick in a bee’s nest.’ Dendinger recalled. ‘They started cursing me. They threw the summons at me. Right at my face, but it fell short. Vulgarities. I just didn’t know what to think. I was a little shocked.’ Not knowing what to make of the blow-up, a puzzled Dendinger drove home. That’s where things went from bad to worse. ‘Within about 20 minutes, there were these bright lights shining through my windows…. I knew immediately, a police car. And that’s when the nightmare started,’ he said…. He was booked with simple battery, along with two felonies: obstruction of justice and intimidating a witness, both of which carry a maximum of 20 years in prison…. What the officers and attorneys did not know was that Dendinger had one critical piece of evidence on his side: grainy cell phone videos shot by his wife and nephew. Dendinger said he thought of recording the scene at the last minute as a way of showing he had completed the task of serving the summons…. In the end, the two videos may have saved Dendinger from decades in prison. From what can be seen on the clips, Dendinger never touches Cassard, who calmly takes the envelope and walks back into the courthouse, handing Wall the envelope…. Dendinger spent nearly a year waiting for trial, racking up attorney’s fees. As a disabled Army veteran on a fixed income, Dendinger said the case stretched him financially, but in his eyes, he was fighting for his life. After nearly a year passed … the case was referred to the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office, which promptly dropped the charges….

Southeast slogs through rare winter storm as another arctic blast freezes northern US

Reported By Fox News on 2015-02-24

“An arctic air mass passed down from Canada continues to plunge much of the U.S. into record-setting lows, continuing a punishing stretch that could result in temperatures settling 10 degrees below average for the month, forecasters say. Meanwhile, a sloppy salvo of snow, sleet and freezing rain continues to slash through the southeastern U.S., bringing travel to a halt and promising more winter weather this week…. A winter storm warning remained in effect for northeastern Texas and parts of Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and the Carolinas through Wednesday, and four to six inches could blanket the area by Thursday….”

Widow kills home invader with gun her son gave her a week before

;Reported By ABC News on 2015-02-19 

 “A man has died after being shot while reportedly breaking into a home in a west Columbus neighborhood…. The man was a robbery suspect, breaking into neighborhood homes. Sgt. Dave Sicilian said the unidentified man broke into a back door, was chased by a person inside then jumped out of a second floor window, before crawling across the street and breaking into a second home. ‘The homeowner was awakened and defended herself,’ said Sicilian…. The woman’s son said he bought her a handgun last week for self defense.”

Pharmacist shoots armed masked robber

 Reported By on 2015-02-18 

 “A pharmacist shot and killed a masked, would-be robber who walked into his business Wednesday morning and pulled out a gun. Good Family Pharmacy employee Chris Monk said pharmacist Don Radcliff first attempted to ‘feel the guy out.’ Monk said Radcliff pointed at the man, who was wearing a bandanna over his face, and was ‘just kind of joking with him,’ saying ‘Are you here to rob me?’ The suspect pulled out a gun in response. Radcliff, who had already started reaching for the gun under his white pharmacy coat, just in case, opened fire. He fired three shots. The first hit the suspect’s chest, the second hit his gun, jamming it, and the third hit the suspect’s abdomen. One employee said the suspect was trying to shoot back during that time. The whole incident happened within a matter of seconds….”

Deadly cold grips most of US as South hit with snow and ice

Reported By Fox News on 2015-02-16

 “Freezing cold temperatures hit most of the U.S. Monday as New England began digging out of its fourth winter storm in a month, while the mid-Atlantic region and parts of the south were hit with their own blast of snow and ice…. The Arctic cold front already had frozen the upper Midwest, with temperatures in Michigan plunging to minus-27 in the Upper Peninsula…. The National Weather Service said a low temperature of 3 degrees was recorded at 7:35 a.m. at Philadelphia International Airport. That’s just under the record for the date of 2 degrees set way back in 1888…. New York City came close to breaking a 127-year-old record when the temperature in Central Park hit 3 degrees, just above the 1-degree record set in 1888, said Jeffrey Tongue, a National Weather Service meteorologist….” [So much for global warming. Oh yeah, it’s now “Climate Change.” Yes, the climate changes. Seems like 1888 was pretty darn cold, things warmed up some, and now we’re back to as cold as 1888. There is NOTHING unusual about any recent (i.e. 100s of years) weather on earth. Par for the course.]

Study: Global warming skeptics know more about climate science

Reported By Fox News on 2015-02-12

“Are global warming skeptics simply ignorant about climate science? Not so, says a forthcoming paper in the journal Advances in Political Psychology by Yale Professor Dan Kahan. He finds that skeptics score about the same (in fact slightly better) on climate science questions. The study asked 2,000 respondents nine questions about where they thought scientists stand on climate science. On average, skeptics got about 4.5 questions correct, whereas manmade warming believers got about 4 questions right…. The study’s author, Kahan, also says that the global warming debate has become so politically polarized that people pick their side based on politics rather than what they know about science… Kahan says that if global warming believers really want to convince people, they should stop demonizing and talking down to their opponents, and instead focus on explaining the science….”