Homeowner shoots out tires of thieves that stole his ATV and dirt bikes

Reported By www.thedenverchannel.com on 2015-03-31

 “An Ohio man was able to save his ATV and two dirt bikes by chasing two theft suspects and shooting out the tires on their pickup truck…. Two men stole the vehicles, along with a trailer, from a barn … at about 10:30 p.m. on Sunday. As they were pulling away with the trailer attached to a Ford F-150, the homeowner, 46-year-old Bert Leasure took action. He grabbed his 12-gauge shotgun, started chasing the truck and called 911…. The suspects pulled into a yard on Ruff Road and tried to ditch the trailer, but Leasure said he caught up and fired three to five shots into a back tire and a front tire…. A Creston Police officer happened to be in the area and arrested the two suspects….”

Eighty-four-year-old man uses pistol to frighten off robber

;Reported By www.newson6.com on 2015-03-18 

 “An 84-year-old man was able to turn the tables on a robber who hit him in the face and took his wallet…. Video shows Jandebeur walked to his black truck when the robber came up behind him…. The robber punched him in the side of the face…. All of a sudden, he took off running. [Jandebeur] pulled his gun out of his left pocket, and that’s when the tables were turned, and the robber was the one afraid. ‘Anybody who doesn’t arm themselves is asking for trouble,’ Jandebeur said.”

Sixty-seven-year-old off-duty deputy shoots carjacker

;Reported By jacksonville.com on 2015-03-17 — “Among the gifts Bill Strudel received after retiring as a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office sergeant 10 years ago was the police-issued handgun he used on the street, a common practice for cops who retire after years with the agency. The present came in handy Monday night when he was attacked by an armed carjacker who left Strudel’s eyes soaked in blood after pistol-whipping him in the forehead. Strudel, deputy police chief at the University of North Florida, shot the armed 15-year-old in the buttocks during the attempt to steal Strudel’s sport-utility vehicle…. The attack occurred about 9 p.m. … while Strudel, who was off-duty and out running errands, had stopped at a free-standing ice machine to buy ice….”

Boston’s coldest winter since 1872

Reported By The Blaze on 2015-03-15

 “Boston’s miserable winter is now also its snowiest season going back to 1872…. The final 2.9 inches came in a snowstorm that was relatively tame after a record-setting monthly snowfall of 64.9 inches in February…. Forecasters note snow can still mount up this year. March 1993 had 38.9 inches, and March 1916 had 33.”

John Kerry Preaches on “Immorality” of Doubting “Climate Change”

Reported By www.thenewamerican.com on 2015-03-13

“Donning the robes of High Priest of Science, Secretary of State John Kerry delivered a rousing sermon … that presumed to speak for both Science and Religion on the supposed existential threat of anthropogenic (manmade) global warming, AGW…. The radical Heinz Family Foundation, largely controlled by John Kerry’s wife Teresa Heinz Kerry, is one of the major funders of the AGW alarmist movement…. It is the continued, obstinate use of the phony consensus meme by you and your AGW allies, Secretary Kerry, to intimidate and vilify all opposition, along with your attempts to use the fear generated by AGW alarmism to establish a tyrannical global climate regime that is truly immoral.” 

The Science is Settled

Reported By libertyletters.tumblr.com on 2015-03-12

“It’s a familiar refrain used by those who want to control what you think – The science is settled…. The science is settled!!  The globe is warming because of humans. Even though the temperature has not increased in 16 years, global warming is supposedly the most dangerous issue humans are facing…. When proponents declare that the science is settled, scientific discovery is exterminated.  Science proves theories by actually trying to disprove them.  Examples are actively searched for that negate a concept.  Using the Scientific Method, experiments are conducted with the specific purpose to refute an hypothesis.  Data is collected and examined.  If these experiments fail, then the theory has actually been validated. Pseudoscience does just the opposite by looking only for confirmations of a theory and avoiding challenges. Welcome to the world of global warming….  Contrary evidence and data is considered criminal.  Activists undermine anyone who exposes proof and facts debunking these theories, claiming they are deniers who hate science.  Yet it is they who are shutting out true analysis and rejecting scientific discovery….”

Once-in-a-Generation Event is Underway in Cape Code

Reported By CBS News on 2015-03-10

“The historic winter of 2015 has left giant chunks of ice on the Cape Cod National Seashore…. WBZ-TV Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher says this could be a ‘once-in-a-generation’ event due to the extraordinary amount of ice on the Massachusetts Bay….There have been several remarkable images left from the record-setting winter, including the nearly frozen waves captured off the coast of Nantucket last month.”

Concealed carry saves woman from falling victim to robber armed with hypodermic needle

Reported By www.myrtlebeachonline.com on 2015-03-10

 “The victim told police she was withdrawing cash from an ATM … when a man approached her and demanded she give her money or he would inject her with a needle that he was carrying…. The victim said that she grabbed her handgun once the suspect threatened her and said, ‘I dare you to stab me.’ The suspect then said ‘Are you seriously going to do that to me,’ and ran off….”

Brother with Shotgun Saves Sister from UPS-dressed Robbers

;Reported By www.clickorlando.com on 2015-03-09 

  “Tapia said she heard a knock at the door and when she looked out the window she saw what she thought was a UPS driver delivering a package. She said she saw a man with a UPS hat and shirt on. ‘I proceeded to open the door and that’s when he put the gun to my face and told me to lay down on the ground,’ Tapia said…. But what the thieves didn’t know is that her older brother, Jose, had seen them breaking in on their home security system…. He called 911, which spooked the pair into running out of the house. Deputies said Jose chased after the suspects and used a shotgun to fire at them….”

Netanyahu Nails It

I think Barack Obama’s vehement opposition to Netanyahu speaking before Congress had to leave a lot of people scratching their heads, wondering why such a big deal? Israel, is, after all, our close ally, right? The only democratic government in the Middle East, no? Surely, the Prime Minister of Israel, a friend of the U.S., should be welcome to speak before Congress.
After hearing Netanyahu’s speech, I think it’s pretty obvious why Obama didn’t want America to hear him. Why not? Because Obama knew that Netanyahu would demolish his foolish foreign policy of Iranian appeasement.

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