Man holds carjacker at gunpoint until police arrive

;Reported By on 2015-05-22 

“An East Point man held a would-be carjacker at gunpoint until police arrived and arrested the suspect, according to Atlanta police. Hashim Fannin, the car owner, says the attempted carjacking occurred just after he had pulled into a parking spot at the Family Dollar on Marietta Boulevard in northwest Atlanta earlier this month. Fannin says the man slipped into the passenger’s seat when his doors automatically unlocked. “He told me, ‘You know what this is,’” Fannin said.  That is when Fannin says he pulled his gun out…. The car owner kept the suspect, Edgar Horn, 61, at gunpoint face down in the parking lot for several minutes until police arrived….”

Woman shoots burglar who attacks husband

;Reported By on 2015-05-19 

“A woman reportedly called 911 and said a man was trying to break into her house, and she shot him. The woman told dispatchers the man was still inside the house, and her husband had detained him…. Deputies discovered that the suspect broke through a front door at the residence and confronted several people who were inside. The woman’s husband arrived home soon afterward and was attacked by the suspect near the back door. The two men fought for several minutes before the husband broke free and ran back inside the house, locking the back door. However, the suspect gained entry into the house and began attacking the man again. The man’s wife ordered ordered the suspect to stop, but he continued to assault her husband. The woman fired one shot, hitting the suspect, who fell to the floor….”

Dear Planned Parenthood CEO

Dear Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards,

Hello, my name is Matt Walsh, and I am a longtime financial contributor to your organization. Despite my frequent charitable giving, I have never received so much as a thank you card. I find this rather rude, and have been planning to write to you about this matter for some time.

But I now have a more urgent situation to address, as I just read with great interest your recent Twitter tantrum over the 20-week abortion ban passed by the House. In a series of tweets, you called it “dangerous,” “misguided,” and “backwards” to prevent doctors from executing 5-month-old babies who can feel pain and who are only three weeks (in some cases even less than that) from being viable outside the womb.

Dangerous, you said, to not kill babies.

And not satisfied to simply pretend that our national security is threatened when we suffer a slight reduction in the number of corpses collected in the HAZMAT dumpsters behind your clinics, you went on to insist that saving the lives of children “lacks compassion and respect.”

If you are sincere, then I think you are in dire need of a vocabulary lesson.

Before we even get to the most relevant concern – the millions of babies you’ve killed — why don’t we start with the fact that, as I mentioned, I am an annual donor to your company, even though I do not choose to be and I do not want to be.

Indeed, the government forces all of us to donate to you, the largest and most profitable abortion provider in the nation, against our will and in spite of our choice….

Losing Our Spines to Save Our Necks

Excerpted from an article by Sam Harris, published on May 5, 2008 by the Huffington Post

Geert Wilders, conservative Dutch politician and provocateur, has become the latest projectile in the world’s most important culture war: the zero-sum conflict between civil society and traditional Islam. Wilders, who lives under perpetual armed guard due to death threats, recently released a 15 minute film entitled Fitna (“strife” in Arabic) over the internet. The film has been deemed offensive because it juxtaposes images of Muslim violence with passages from the Qur’an. Given that the perpetrators of such violence regularly cite these same passages as justification for their actions, merely depicting this connection in a film would seem uncontroversial. Controversial or not, one surely would expect politicians and journalists in every free society to strenuously defend Wilders’ right to make such a film. But then one would be living on another planet, a planet where people do not happily repudiate their most basic freedoms in the name of “religious sensitivity.”

… Wilders, like Westergaard and the other Danish cartoonists, has been widely vilified for “seeking to inflame” the Muslim community. Even if this had been his intention, this criticism represents an almost supernatural coincidence of moral blindness and political imprudence. The point is not (and will never be) that some free person spoke, or wrote, or illustrated in such a manner as to inflame the Muslim community. The point is that only the Muslim community is combustible in this way. The controversy over Fitna, like all such controversies, renders one fact about our world especially salient: Muslims appear to be far more concerned about perceived slights to their religion than about the atrocities committed daily in its name. Our accommodation of this psychopathic skewing of priorities has, more and more, taken the form of craven and blinkered acquiescence.

There is an uncanny irony here that many have noticed. The position of the Muslim community in the face of all provocations seems to be: Islam is a religion of peace, and if you say that it isn’t, we will kill you. Of course, the truth is often more nuanced, but this is about as nuanced as it ever gets: Islam is a religion of peace, and if you say that it isn’t, we peaceful Muslims cannot be held responsible for what our less peaceful brothers and sisters do. When they burn your embassies or kidnap and slaughter your journalists, know that we will hold you primarily responsible and will spend the bulk of our energies criticizing you for “racism” and “Islamophobia.”

… The connection between the doctrine of Islam and Islamist violence is simply not open to dispute. It’s not that critics of religion like myself speculate that such a connection might exist: the point is that Islamists themselves acknowledge and demonstrate this connection at every opportunity and to deny it is to retreat within a fantasy world of political correctness and religious apology…. All of their talk about how benign Islam “really” is, and about how the problem of fundamentalism exists in all religions, only obfuscates what may be the most pressing issue of our time: Islam, as it is currently understood and practiced by vast numbers of the world’s Muslims, is antithetical to civil society….

Man shoots and kills one of his kidnappers when they threaten his wife

;Reported By on 2015-05-16 

“Police said around 6:30 a.m., a man … was leaving his house, putting some items in his vehicle, when he was approached by two armed men. They forced him back into his home to get his wallet, then they forced him into his own Toyota truck to drive to an ATM and get money…. One of the kidnappers threatened to go back to the victim’s house to harm his wife, and that’s when the victim grabbed his own gun from the truck, and shot and killed one of the kidnappers…. The other kidnapper is still at large….”

Gang of bat-wielding home invaders stopped by young armed father

;Reported By CBS News on 2015-05-13 

 “[A man] was sitting on his balcony around 11 p.m. when … three to five men [approached]. He started to feel uncomfortable so he went inside and got his gun. He said moments later there was a knock on the door and standing outside were the men, one of which was holding a baseball bat. The man told investigators they wanted him to come outside and when he declined they forced their way inside the apartment. That’s when he said he started shooting…. the woman who lives there [said] she is just grateful she and her family got out unharmed. She claims she didn’t know the men but says on he that night she could only watch in horror with her baby in arm, as her husband killed one man, shot another and wounded a third….”

Armed woman frightens off aggressive home-invading burglars

;Reported By on 2015-05-12 

“A woman who was woken up by the sound of intruders in her home allegedly fired two shots at the men in her passage, police say. Eastern Cape police spokesperson Alwin Lebans said the woman, 39, had been woken up shortly after 03:00 on Tuesday by noises in her Port Elizabeth home. Labans said the woman got her gun and went to investigate. She then came across two men inside her house…. She ordered them to stop, but they kept coming forward so two shots were fired in their direction…. The men fled the scene with the woman’s purse containing an undisclosed amount of cash and her bank cards….”

25 Years of Predicting the Global Warming ‘Tipping Point’

Reported By on 2015-05-04

“For decades now, those concerned about global warming have been predicting the so-called ‘tipping point’

the point beyond which it’ll be too late to stave off catastrophic global warming. It seems like every year the ‘tipping point’ is close to being reached, and that the world must get rid of fossil fuels to save the planet. That is, until we’ve passed that deadline and the next such ‘tipping point’ is predicted….”