Let’s Ban Cans!

From a Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office news release:

A woman was charged today with killing her 59-year-old boyfriend by striking him in the head with cans of food, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced…. The felony complaint alleges Jackson used canned food as a deadly and dangerous weapon and that she was convicted in 2005 for making criminal threats…. On June 16, Jackson allegedly killed David Ruiz while he was at her house by bludgeoning him in the head with the canned foods, the prosecutor said.

You know what I say to that? It’s high time we ban cans! That’s right, and I’ve written a poem to preach my point:

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Father scares off suspected burglar with gun

;Reported By www.khou.com on 2015-08-19 

 “Raul, a father of three, woke up to his son scared for his life saying a man was banging on his window, so Raul jumped into action. ‘Went into the closet and I grabbed my handgun and I loaded it up,’ he said. He ran out the front door, noticed the burglar had ripped off his surveillance camera and then saw him standing in the street…. His surveillance cameras caught the burglar making a run for it and jumping into [a getaway car]….”

A Cruel and Indecent Ruling

In a 4-3 split decision, Connecticut’s supreme court declared the death penalty “unconstitutional”, claiming the death penalty “no longer comports with contemporary standards of decency and no longer serves any legitimate penological purpose”.

Seriously? How is it possible that the execution of people convicted of horrific crimes “no longer comports with contemporary standards of decency” in a society that executes a million unborn babies every year?

Let’s see. Which is less decent? To tear an innocent unborn child to pieces as you extricate her dying body from her mother? Or to end the life of a person convicted of taking the lives of innocent people?

Granted, there are some problems with the death penalty.

Man returns home and takes out armed intruders with his own weapon

Reported By CBS News on 2015-08-14

 Palm Beach County Sheriff’s investigators say a homeowner came  home, went inside and found two intruders inside. There was a scuffle, the intruders fired shots and so did the homeowner. During the gun battle,  both of the thugs were shot. One died and the other was rushed to a hospital. The homeowner  was not hurt.

Armed father protects wife and baby from masked intruders

Reported By The Blaze on 2015-08-12

 Two masked intruders forced their way into a Texas home. Then, they met a man ready to protect his wife and baby. Kenrich Dickson was at his house … around 11 a.m. Tuesday when he said two men banged on the unlocked back door so hard the key frame broke off. The intruders made their way inside the house from there, coming face-to-face with Dickson’s wife … and their 8-month-old son. Dickson said he was in the back bedroom at the time and went down the hallway to confront the intruders on his own

with his gun… ‘I stood right here, because this is the only way to get out,’ Dickson [said]. ‘I shot one. His friend pushed him down to get out the door.’… After the gunshots, both suspects ran out into a nearby alley to their car, blood still dripping. One managed to escape police; the other was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Shocking Study Reveals Melting Sea Ice Near North Pole … in 1818

Reported By The Blaze on 2015-08-10

“No matter how hard you try, you can’t escape the constant media barrage of dire climate change warnings…. Not only do they say warming is unquestionably happening, they tell us climate scientists are convinced it’s going to destroy us all…. Only the most selfish among us can ignore the scientific facts, we’re told. The debate is over…. but the idea reducing our carbon dioxide emissions, and by a relatively insignificant amount compared to global emissions, will have any real influence on global temperature is pure, unadulterated fantasy. Not only is there absolutely no evidence

none, zero, zilch

cutting human-produced carbon-dioxide emissions will actually reverse global temperature, the claims made about global warming are greatly exaggerated at best and deliberately misleading and dangerous at worst….”

Armed elderly man chases off intruder

;Reported By www.komonews.com on 2015-08-06 

 A 78-year old man fought back against an intruder Wednesday, firing five shots with a handgun before the burglar drove away, according to deputies…. He heard his alarm go off inside his home … then saw a flashlight in his living room [and retrieved his gun]…. The intruder shined a flashlight in his face to try to blur his vision…. Ashton chased the suspect through the kitchen and into the garage. The intruder then hopped into the couple’s 2011 Toyota Prius and threw it into reverse…. The suspect drove about half a mile on flat tires and then abandoned the car. A K-9 team was unable to locate the intruder after about 40 minutes.