Armed mother of two drives off three armed intruders

Police say three masked gunmen forcibly entered a home … demanding money — but they soon found out the homeowners were armed….

The woman said she was in the laundry room when the men broke in and held her and two children, who were sleeping, at gunpoint. Home surveillance video captured part of the incident on camera….

The men then reportedly demanded that she lead them to “the money,” so she showed them a safe in the room where the children were sleeping. According to the victim, two of them tried to steal the safe while the third kept her and the two children at gunpoint.

But at one point the woman was able to get away and grab a gun she had hidden nearby.

“I started shooting and they ran!” the homeowner told emergency dispatchers. “They must not have had bullets, because after I pulled the trigger they just took off, instead of firing back.”

Police later found Presley lying on the ground dead between the victim’s house and another home, still armed. It was not clear whether the gun had any ammunition….

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Early morning home intruder shot

A man was shot several times when investigators say he tried to break into a Pasadena home … around 6:30 Tuesday morning.

“It’s just amazing that people do what they do and expect nothing to happen to them,” Robert Lambert said, who lives a few houses down the street.

Police say the intruder tried to break a front window seven or eight times and the mom and son inside heard him. A family member tells ABC-13 the son shot the intruder once and the mom fired several shots….

The man was hit twice in the backside and once in the face…. The man was flown to the hospital.

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Off-duty officer kills armed robber

Reported By Fox News on 2015-12-20

“An off-duty Baltimore cop shot and killed an armed robbery suspect who police say tried to rob the officer with what turned out to be a toy gun…. Police said … that the officer fired in self-defense…. The officer, who was not identified, is an 18-year veteran of the department assigned to the special operations unit…. When the suspect asked for a wallet, he reached into his bag like he was getting his wallet. That’s when he shot the suspect because he was pointing a gun at him…. Police determined after the shooting that Moreland’s weapon was a realistic-looking toy gun….”

Armed robbers shot by armed victims

Reported By ABC News on 2015-12-14

“A robbery suspect is in critical condition after one of his victims pulled out a gun in Houston…. Officers say four people were leaving work at a nearby club Monday morning when three men pulled up in a white car. Witnesses tell police at least two of those men had guns drawn. As the suspects were taking one of the victim’s purses, one of the workers reached into his own car, pulled out a gun and began shooting…. Officers say one of the suspects … was shot several times and is in critical condition. Another suspect may have been hit as well, but managed to get away after jumping into a waiting car….”

Heavily armed robbers sent packing by armed elderly woman store owner

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“Surveillance video shows a white Ford SUV backing into a handicapped parking space. Then, one by one, five suspects file into a … jewelry store. The masked men then attempt to rob the store at gunpoint…. It was a quick in-and-out, 15 seconds to be precise. As two of the suspects armed with handguns trained their weapons on employees and a single customer, the three others opened pillow cases and demanded cash. But barely half a second later, they would leave empty-handed, chased out by one very angry store owner…. She fired two rounds from her handgun towards the suspects, which caused them to flee the store. And flee they did, bumbling and stumbling into each other as they clamored to escape the store owner’s fury…”