Four armed robbers are no match for an AK-47

Reported by Controversial Times on 2016-10-06

There was a hail of gunfire as a jewelry store employee made the decision to shoot back – armed with an AK-47 rifle he keeps behind the counter – at four armed men who opened fire on his customers and staff during an attempted robbery.

The owner of Jeff’s Jewelry Store, Jeffery Turner, told police that four men stormed into his store, brandishing firearms. The armed thugs then demanded jewelry, purses and other items causing Turner to pull an AK-47 semi-automatic rifle from behind the counter.

When the armed thieves opened fire amidst store employees and customers Turner returned fire with the AK-47 rifle. At least three store employees drew their concealed firearms and returned fire on the suspects, striking one of the shooters multiple times, killing him instantly.

The dead robber’s three accomplices fled the store in a white Dodge Charger. Police found the Charger abandoned not far from the jewelry store and say the three suspects are still on the loose despite roadblocks and assistance from a DEA helicopter….

This isn’t the first time Jeff’s Jewelry has been targeted. In November of 2014, five men in a plumber’s van backed up to the store, jumped out, and smashed down the door with a sledgehammer.