Eleven-year-old girl shoots man who was stabbing her mom

Reported By www.ktul.com on 2014-09-24

“The Oklahoma City Police Department says an 11-year-old girl shot a man who got into a fight with the child’s mom at a SE OKC mobile home Wednesday morning…. Five children were inside the home when the incident happened…. 25-year-old Leonard Demon Henry broke in through the glass door and began attacking his ex-girlfriend and stabbing her…. That’s when police say the victim’s young daughter shot him twice. Police say when they arrived, the found him running from the home with a gun shot wound.” [A stupid question for gun banners: What would the outcome have been if the young girl didn’t have a gun? Her mom would be dead, and there’s a good chance that some or all of the children would be dead or injured. Ban guns? You’re crazy.]

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