A Week in Jerusalem

I was catching up on news about the violence in the Middle East when the article “My week in Jerusalem when rockets fell on the Holy City”, by Rabbi Abraham Cooper, caught my attention. I think what Rabbi Cooper wrote is compelling, so I had to share it. Here are three paragraphs that I think are particularly salient. Below is a link to the full article.

“Go explain Hamas to a child in Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Beersheba, and now, both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

“Go ahead adults, explain to them, why did the world allow these religious terrorists to amass thousands of rockets and to deploy them from amongst their own unwilling civilians; how it is that NGOs, Christian activists and tenured professors still bestow the mantel of victimhood on thugs who hide behind the skirts of women and in bunkers under hospitals; how come so many in the international media depict suicide bombings and thousands of Hamas rocket attacks as legitimate responses to Israeli “occupiers” who occupy not one millimeter of the Gaza Strip?

“Most of all, where to begin to explain to children the ferocity of the Muslim-Brotherhood’s-inspired genocidal screeds against Jews and Judaism, a hatred not seen in the world since Nazi Germany.”

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