Don’t Feed the Mouth that Bites You

There’s an old saying, not to bite the hand that feeds you. Sound advice, to be sure. Certainly there are lot of people in this country who remember that when they go to the polls.

Of course, as with most things, there is a flip side, another way to look at it: It’s also a really good idea not to feed the mouth that bites you.

If conservatives would only pay heed to the latter advice as well as socialists adhere to the former, perhaps we wouldn’t have had to suffer through a second term of Obama.

How can conservatives avoid feeding the mouth that bites them?

Tune out the “mainstream” networks, such as ABC, CBS, NBC/MSNBC and CNN. Stop watching their shows, particularly the ones that push socialism and tear down traditional values (that would be most of their daytime and primetime fare).

Don’t invest in or patronize businesses that promote socialism and denigrate conservatism and traditional values.

Starbucks recently announced that they don’t want the business of people who oppose gay marriage [ref]. Let’s give them what they ask for. I’ve never been to a Starbucks, and I never will, and if enough conservatives determine to take their business elsewhere, Starbucks will be Nobucks pretty soon.

In recent years Home Depot has been a champion of the homosexual movement, sponsoring gay pride parades and events [ref]. As a result, I’ve made a conscious effort to buy elsewhere, such as at Lowes. If enough conservatives would do the same, perhaps Home Depot would change its tune.

The CEO of GE is a close pal of Obama, has made some absurd pro-socialism statements [ref], and has gotten GE a lot of Federal favors (i.e. taxpayer money and desirable regulations) [ref, ref]. I’m in the market for a new washer and dryer, and GE is a brand I’m not going to consider.

There are many more organizations and businesses, big and small, that don’t deserve our patronage. My objective isn’t to provide any sort of list, but rather to encourage conservative activism that hits where it hurts.

The bottom line is that if conservatives stop supporting groups, businesses and activities that undermine morality and free enterprise, the financial bottom line will encourage these entities to shift their left-leaning agendas back towards the center. If not, at the very least our money will help provide alternatives by funding and strengthening their competitors.

Every November conservatives cast their votes for conservatism and traditional values. That’s not enough. Every day conservatives need to be more diligent about voting with their wallets. If we don’t, eventually traditional morality will be beyond saving, and we won’t have anything left in our wallets to vote with.