Female off-duty border patrol officer kills early morning intruder

A burglar busted through the glass doors of a house … only to face a deadly barrage of bullets from the homeowner — a high-ranking Miami federal agent.

Authorities said Maria Otero, the branch chief of the Miami office of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, killed Robert Young III after he broke into her home at 1:29 a.m…..

Young, 28, has a lengthy history of arrests in Miami-Dade, state records show.

He got into trouble in August after becoming upset when a gas station clerk refused to call 911 for him. The clerk told police that Young smashed a bunch of wine bottles inside the store. He was charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief and was awaiting trial.

His record also shows a conviction in 2013 for grand theft after he and a friend held up an associate in Liberty City. He served a year of probation. Three years before that, Young did another probation stint after getting busted for carrying a concealed weapon.

He’s also beaten charges of carrying a concealed weapon and misdemeanor battery….

Reported by Miami Herald

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