In-patient vitamin D supplementation reduces COVID-19 severity and mortality

A prospective study designed to evaluate if vitamin D supplementation for COVID-19 patients would reduce the length of hospital stay and mortality found a 200% lower of risk of hospitalization beyond 8 days, and a 200+% reduction in mortality.

The study chose to supplement only those patients who had comorbidities, making the results even more compelling.

From the study authors:

a prospective study was conducted, including 23 healthy individuals and 210 cases. A total of 163 cases had vitamin D supplementation, and 95 were followed for 14 days. Clinical outcomes, routine blood biomarkers, serum levels of vitamin D metabolism, and action mechanism-related parameters were evaluated.

Our treatment protocol increased the serum 25OHD levels significantly to above 30 ng/mL within two weeks. COVID-19 cases (no comorbidities, no vitamin D treatment, 25OHD <30 ng/mL) had 1.9-fold increased risk of having hospitalization longer than 8 days compared with the cases with comorbidities and vitamin D treatment. Having vitamin D treatment decreased the mortality rate by 2.14 times.

The study concluded:

Vitamin D treatment shortened hospital stay and decreased mortality in COVID-19 cases, even in the existence of comorbidities. Vitamin D supplementation is effective on various target parameters; therefore, it is essential for COVID-19 treatment.

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