Inconvenient Facts

The global warming hysteria would be hilarious if it wasn’t being used to ramrod rules and legislation that are robbing us all of resources and liberty, and to transfer wealth and power to unelected bureaucrats and elites.

Indeed, it is far from hilarious. The hysteria and the ensuing ridiculous regulations and power and money grabs are downright dangerous — not only because loss of freedoms and abuse of power always lead to persecution and misery, but also because the net effects of the regulations imposed to reduce carbon emissions will result in death and suffering.

In his book “Inconvenient Facts: The Science that Al Gore Doesn’t Want You to Know”, Geologist Greg Wrightstone lays out a compelling case against the global warming hysteria, and in favor of the fact that, from a long-term geologic perspective, we are CO2 impoverished (which is bad news for plant and animal life), and the relatively small increase in CO2 from man is actually beneficial to mankind.

We recommend that you acquire and read Greg’s book. In the meanwhile, Greg’s presentation on YouTube is a good primer: