Man asks for cop’s name, gets tackled and arrested

Reported by Photography Is Not A Crime on December 12, 2014

Derek Youmans never touched the San Francisco cop who pounced on him at the airport…. All he did was offer a handshake before attempting to walk away, already having obtained the cop’s name, Keith Parker, over not having been allowed on a plane earlier after he was falsely accused of drinking…. When Youmans turned to walk away, the cop slapped him from behind, knocking him to the floor, drilling his knees into the back of Youman’s head while using his hands to further press his face into the floor, yelling ‘stop resisting!’ Several other cops came running up and piled on him, grabbing his limbs as Parker twisted his arms behind his back and handcuffed him. Yousman was driven to a jail 40 miles away and released 12 hours later with no charges, no citation and no justification for having been arrested. Nothing more than a contempt-of-cop arrest…. Another man who witnessed the incident, Devaraj Ramsamy, handed his business card to one of Youmans’ co-workers who was there. Ramsamy [confirmed] that Youmans did not touch the officer before he was attacked….

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