Obama’s Temper Tantrum

(Submitted by a Truth is Reason reader)

Calling in extra people to close down the World War II Memorial is worse than absurd — it is outrageous. We haven’t the money to pay for good things for the American people, but we have the funds to harass freedom loving Americans?

Obama and his cohorts are carefully choosing their targets to make it hurt patriotic Americans, veterans who actually have served and love this Country, and those who would go out of their way to honor these veterans. The Democrats, those represented by Barack  H. Obama have made their intentions obvious in these actions.

I remember being a child, and I have seen it with some of my  grandchildren (very young ones), the temper tantrums when they don’t get their way, even though what they want is nothing of what they need. Our President is trying to convince American people that the Conservative Republicans want to hurt them, and since they don’t and won’t, He, the President, is doing it for them. His arrogance is unbearable; he accuses others of what he himself is doing.

The Constitution of the United States of America designates the House of Representatives as having the responsibility for initiating spending bills. The reason for that is obvious: they are closer to the American people, are less entrenched and more easily punished by the next election if they fail to take that responsibility seriously.

The House sent a bill to the Senate, the Senate ignored their bill and sent it’s own bill back to the House. Mr Obama blatantly accuses the House of not doing their job because they didn’t rubber stamp the Senate bill, while at the same time trying to flatter liberal Republicans by designating the problem as being created by a fringe element of their party. Then he called a news conference and accused the House of extortion. “Tricky Dick” Nixon had nothing on this President.

There is a reason the House is controlled by Republicans and not Democrats — because the American people chose to shift the balance of power last election — and thank God it is working. If this President had been allowed to have his way with both houses of Congress any longer than he did, this Country would be totally unrecognizable.