Ode to The Piano Guys

Always writing about politics can be a downer.

So as I was watching The Piano Guys’ latest YouTube video last night, and was reflecting on how much I enjoy their music, I decided to dedicate a brief blog post to them.

I really don’t know that much about The Piano Guys, except for the little I’ve learned about them through their music videos and from reading a couple news articles about them.

They actually came to town several weeks ago, but I heard about it too late to get tickets. I very rarely go to concerts, and I never elevate celebrities to any sort of iconic must-see status, but I was disappointed not to see them.

To me, The Piano Guys represent a lot of what’s good in the world. John Schmidt (on the piano) and Stephen Sharp Nelson (on the cello) — with occasional guest performers — always lift my spirits.

My oldest daughter plays the cello. I wasn’t that happy when she chose the cello in elementary school. It’s so big, I complained, and I thought it was an instrument you couldn’t except with an orchestra. I tried to talk her into the violin. I was wrong. Now I enjoy hearing my daughter play solo on the cello.

Stephen Sharp Nelson is a phenomenal cellist, and I love his enthusiasm for playing it. John Schmidt is a phenomenal pianist. Together they are making fabulous music, along with some very entertaining (and often funny) music videos. I encourage you to check out their YouTube channel.

Here are some of my favorite The Piano Guys videos (you can also purchase MP3 recordings of their songs from places like Amazon):

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