Polar vortex to bring dangerous record-breaking cold to much of US

Reported By Fox News on 2014-01-04 

 “As much of the country digs out from a powerful winter storm that buried parts of the Northeast, tundra-like temperatures are poised to deliver a rare and potentially dangerous blow to the Midwest, with forecasters predicting a near-record or historic cold outbreak…. Meanwhile, some cities saw record lows on Friday. In Wisconsin, a record low temperature was set in Green Bay, where the mercury dipped to minus 18. The National Weather Service said that topped the 17-below-zero mark last recorded in 1979….” [Hmmm… Wasn’t it back in the 70s when chicken-little doomsday scientists were predicting the next ice age, and radical political activists were striving to get governments to take drastic measures to stop global cooling????? Yep.]

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