So Extremely, Incredibly Unfair

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. The leftists (those folks that many misname as liberals or progressives) don’t have a clue about “fairness”.

What’s my evidence this time?

Do you know anything about the SEIU, which officially stands for the “Service Employees International Union”? Have you ever heard Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Jackson, Sharpton or any of their leftist ilk say anything critical about SEIU? (Or about any union for that matter?)

Neither have I.

Yet these same leftists claim to be advocates of the downtrodden, champions of fairness.

Why should they (and you, and anyone else with a conscience) be totally trashing the SEIU?

Because SEIU plundered over $34 million dollars from over 40,000 people who were providing in-home care to ill family members. Thousands of these people SEIU robbed weren’t even official service workers. They weren’t paid health care workers. They were merely common citizens undertaking the difficult and commendable labor of providing care to their own family members.

How did SEIU steal their money? SEIU somehow managed to get brain-dead and/or corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to allow them to classify unpaid family members as “home health care workers”. SEIU was then allowed to automatically deduct dues from the sick person’s Medicare or Medicaid checks.

It’s mind-boggling, really. SEIU was allowed to forcibly unionize non-professionals who were caring for sick family members, and SEIU was allowed to unilaterally take dues from money that didn’t even belong to the forcibly-unionized persons.

Fair? No way. It’s fraudulent, foul and downright filthy.

SEIU should change its name to “So Extremely, Incredibly Unfair”.

Fortunately, SEIU can’t continue to rob people. Incredibly, it took a 5-4 Supreme Court ruling to prohibit unions from collecting fees from home health care workers who refuse to join the union. Five to four. Pathetic. Should have been 9-0. Shouldn’t have even made it to the Supreme Court.

Even worse: Michigan’s SEIU branch was just told by a Michigan court that it doesn’t have to return the pilfered money.

Yet more reasons to dislike unions. And leftist judges. And leftist politicians who lie about promoting fairness. All they really care about is power and the next election — and the union money that will help them win that next election. (As if union money is somehow cleaner or more virtuous than corporate money.)

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