Falling Up

Growing up I remember a plaque that hung on the wall of my father’s home office. It had a cartoon picture of a short, fat-nosed man with a wheelbarrow full of lemons, with a caption that read: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

That’s exactly what Meg Johnson did. On March 6, 2004, while hiking the red rock formations of St. George, Utah, Meg hopped over a rock, and plummeted 35 feet to the bottom of a cliff, breaking her back, resulting in paralysis of her legs and partial upper body paralysis.

Talk about lemons — more than a wheelbarrow full of reasons to be sour about life. And for a while that was how life was for Meg, until she found a way to make “lemonade” out of her trial. This moving video, produced by nCourage.tv, briefly yet beautifully tells Megan’s story: