A Cruel and Indecent Ruling

In a 4-3 split decision, Connecticut’s supreme court declared the death penalty “unconstitutional”, claiming the death penalty “no longer comports with contemporary standards of decency and no longer serves any legitimate penological purpose”.

Seriously? How is it possible that the execution of people convicted of horrific crimes “no longer comports with contemporary standards of decency” in a society that executes a million unborn babies every year?

Let’s see. Which is less decent? To tear an innocent unborn child to pieces as you extricate her dying body from her mother? Or to end the life of a person convicted of taking the lives of innocent people?

Granted, there are some problems with the death penalty.

Child Killers. Hang ’em.

On February 18th 2013 a 10-year-old little girl was kidnapped as she walked home from a friend’s house in Springfield, Missouri. A couple days later Hailey Owens’ dead body was found across town in the basement of a fiend’s house, with a gunshot to the head and who knows what other injuries inflicted upon her. [ref]

Craig Michael Wood, a 45-year-old middle-school football coach had snatched Hailey from the street in plain view of neighbors, racing her off to her doom, and to what should without question be his own doom.

Who can reasonably say that Wood shouldn’t get the death penalty?


Good Riddance

Christopher Dorner is probably dead, his charred body found in the cabin he apparently set on fire after shooting himself [ref].

Good riddance.

He killed innocent people. He was a terrorist. He was a psychopath.

I don’t care whether he could have been medically declared insane or not. Anybody who murders innocent people as Dorner did is psychologically messed up.

Sadly, there are people almost as crazy as Dorner was who are trying to justify his actions, even calling him a hero [ref].

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