Libertad and Justice for Cubans

On July 11, 2021, thousands of subjugated Cubans courageously took to the streets to protest the deplorable social and economic conditions imposed upon them by their maleficent masters, the Communist overlords who rule their impoverished nation.

“Libertad” was their rallying cry. And what was the official response of the nation that pledges to stand for “liberty and justice for all?”

The Biden administration despicably spun the protests as simply people upset about Covid and and a lack of access to vaccines.

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I Grew Up in Chavez’s Socialist Venezuela. Here’s What I Think About the Current Crisis.

By Ricardo Pica, excerpted from The Daily Signal

Venezuela’s air is thick with tear gas and its streets are stained with the blood of its youth.

The South American nation has been reduced to a battlefield as government forces brutally pummel protestors. For the past 50 days, Venezuelans throughout the country have taken to the streets in anti-government uprisings.

With approval ratings in the teens, the socialist and criminal regime of President Nicolas Maduro appears to be on its last legs.

Hundreds of thousands of protestors continue pouring into the streets, demanding an end to the corruption that has bankrupted the world’s most oil-rich nation.

Maduro has predictably responded to this pressure with more violence….

Over 20 years ago, under the banner of socialism and its endless list of impossible promises, demagogues hijacked Venezuela’s government, dismantled civil society, and crippled the national economy.

Led by Maduro’s deceased predecessor, Hugo Chavez, the socialists implemented measures that crippled the private sector and triggered massive capital flights and brain drains.

Growing up in Chavez’s Venezuela is the defining experience of my life. The country was collapsing and no one seemed to be able to stop it. The opposition was persecuted, journalists were silenced, peaceful protesters were murdered, and crime was rampant….

History has repeatedly shown socialism to be a corrupt and destructive force, and there is no better example of this than in today’s Venezuela.

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A Witness and a Warning

PictureAlger Hiss. Whittaker Chambers. No longer household names, but in the decade following the conclusion of the Second World War, there may not have been two Americans more famous — or infamous — than they were.

On January 21, 1950, Alger Hiss, a senior State Department official, was convicted by a jury of two counts of perjury. The culmination of hundreds of hours of testimony before Congressional committees and two courts of law, Hiss’s conviction was also a public exoneration of Whittaker Chambers, the man who had exposed Hiss as a Communist agent….

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There is no Legitimate Redistribution

This past Friday Catholic Pope Francis spoke to United Nations leaders in Rome, and urged “the legitimate redistribution of economic benefits by the state” [ref].

I know many Catholics that I highly respect, and in many ways the Catholic Church has stood up for Biblical Christian values that many other religions have discarded in the pursuit of worldliness.  But in this instance the Pope is dead wrong.

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Love, War and Wealth Redistribution

I was sitting on an airline flight the other day, looking at all the empty seats around me, and this wonderfully “progressive” idea radiantly dawned upon my consciousness.

Why waste empty airplane seats??? Give them away to the poor! And save the world! No more half empty fuselages fuming fossil fuels for a fraction of the freight!

After all, it isn’t fair that the poor cannot afford to fly, and it is a travesty that fat cat corporate kingpins can get away with wasting our precious natural resources, including our limited supply of airplane seats.

Right? I mean, Left? I mean, are you with me? You do want to be fair, don’t you?

As the old saying goes, all’s fair in love, war and wealth redistribution. Isn’t it?

Lenin Toppled At Last

Today in Kiev, Ukraine, a statue of Vladimir Lenin was torn down, decapitated, and destroyed by anti-government protesters.

How nice to see a tribute to a devil toppled. The people of the Ukraine know the bitter fruits of Lenin’s Socialist revolution. They lived through the darkness, terror, murder, subjugation and poverty of Communist rule.

Sadly, there are still Lenin admirers and supporters that harbor the fantasy that Lenin’s aims and even his means were somehow righteous.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

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Don’t Cry for Chávez, Venezuela

Chávez should not be mourned. On the contrary, the death of a dictator is cause for celebration.

Yes, Chávez was a dictator. While he didn’t stoop to the depraved despotism of Stalin, Mao or Hitler, he was still a dictator.

Once Chávez obtained the power of presidency in 1999, he did everything he could to centralize and consolidate power into his own hands, trampling on individual liberties and private property rights in the process.

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Book Review of The Forsaken

PictureTwenty-eight chapters. Three hundred and sixty four pages. Seven hundred bibliography entries. One thousand one hundred and nineteen footnotes.

These numbers are significant. They are the result of hard work. They are proof of scholarship. Above all, they are evidence of atrocity. Of brutality, despotism, torture, and mass murder the likes of which the world had never known until the twentieth century and its ghastly embrace of Marxism.
Nine thousand. Forty thousand. One hundred and fifty thousand. Two hundred thousand. Three hundred thousand. These are the estimated body counts in just a few of the hundreds of mass graves dug by Lenin, Stalin, and their equally soulless henchmen. Millions of innocent human beings suffered and died miserably, of starvation, exposure, torture and execution, beneath the bloody iron fist of a movement that pretended to “liberate” but instead vigorously fostered widespread brutality, slavery and death behind an iron curtain of lies and deceit.