Trump vs Biden: Who’s the real racist?

The epithet of “racist” is used as a powerful political weapon by the Democrats and their allies to smear conservatives. I have yet to see any evidence of their claims of racism by Donald Trump, or by any other conservatives that they target. Nobody I have challenged to provide evidence of their supposed racism has ever produced any. Meanwhile, I have seen evidence of racism by Joe Biden and by other Democrats and their supporters, evidence that is hypocritically ignored, all in the name of partisan politics.

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Let’s Ban Cans!

From a Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office news release:

A woman was charged today with killing her 59-year-old boyfriend by striking him in the head with cans of food, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced…. The felony complaint alleges Jackson used canned food as a deadly and dangerous weapon and that she was convicted in 2005 for making criminal threats…. On June 16, Jackson allegedly killed David Ruiz while he was at her house by bludgeoning him in the head with the canned foods, the prosecutor said.

You know what I say to that? It’s high time we ban cans! That’s right, and I’ve written a poem to preach my point:

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The 2nd Amendment: Liberal Edition

Leftist (so-called liberal) arguments against the Second Amendment’s guarantee of private citizens owning modern firearms are so incredibly ridiculous they wouldn’t be worth debating if they weren’t so dangerous to liberty.

Fortunately, it is ridiculously easy to destroy the leftist arguments, as they have zero basis in reason, logic or history. And what better way to destroy their arguments than to mock them in the process? This video does that beautifully. Enjoy!

What To Do When a Leftist Attempts a Mass Shooting

Recently the satirical Duffel blog posted a fictitious news story about a non-existent government pamphlet titled “What to Do When the Veteran In Your Classroom Attempts a Mass Shooting”. I became aware of this post because I received an email from someone who thought the pamphlet was real. As I read it, I wondered what Barack Obama’s advice might be in a pamphlet about what to do if a leftist (what many of you still call a “liberal”) were to attempt a mass shooting.

So, somewhat tongue in cheek, here it is; I leave it up to the reader to determine what advise Obama and his bureaucrats really would give if they didn’t have to worry about PR:

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Old Nancy Pelosi

In an interview on CNN, Nancy Pelosi made the astonishing claim that there is nothing that can be cut from the enormous $4 trillion annual federal budget.

“The cupboard is bare. There’s no more cuts to make,” Pelosi claimed. “It’s really important that people understand that.” [ref]

So, to help Pelosi’s effort to educate people about how bare the cupboard really is, I’ve written a little poem modeled after Old Mother Hubbard….

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Green Energy is BS

Hold your oxen just a minute — before you start cussing me for denigrating “green” energy, you might want to read beyond the headline, and beyond this line…
There is some green energy I like.

Hydroelectric is damn good, if you ask me. And fission. You can’t get much greener than nuclear green. And don’t forget about natural gas. Even though it ain’t got no color, it’s more green than coal and oil — especially when it comes from a bovine’s behind.

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Al Gore Had an Agenda

You may have heard about the UK’s nursery rhyme-themed advertisements that were created and run by UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) under UK Energy Secretary Ed Miliband. The ads were targeted at children. One played off of the “three men in a tub” and warned of rising temperatures and sea levels (neither is the case), and a greater frequency and intensity of “extreme weather events such as storms, floods and heatwaves” (nope, not happening). The other parodied the story of Jack and Jill, telling how there was no water to fetch because of drought. [ref1, ref2]

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