Netanyahu Nails It

I think Barack Obama’s vehement opposition to Netanyahu speaking before Congress had to leave a lot of people scratching their heads, wondering why such a big deal? Israel, is, after all, our close ally, right? The only democratic government in the Middle East, no? Surely, the Prime Minister of Israel, a friend of the U.S., should be welcome to speak before Congress.
After hearing Netanyahu’s speech, I think it’s pretty obvious why Obama didn’t want America to hear him. Why not? Because Obama knew that Netanyahu would demolish his foolish foreign policy of Iranian appeasement.

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Could We Have Beaten Nazis with Obama as President?

Excerpted from an article by Wayne Root, published 9/9/2014 by The Blaze

What if Barack Obama had been president during World War II? Could we have beaten the Nazis? I think it’s clear we would be all be speaking German right about now.

There is no way anyone can make the case that Obama would have gone after both Germany and Japan with the tenacity of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. I may not have agreed with Roosevelt’s economic policies, but when it came to war, the man in the wheelchair was a lion, not a shrinking violet, or peacenik. He understood how to win a war- there were no rules for Roosevelt (or Harry Truman).

… Obama plays golf while Islamic State kills thousands per day. He plays golf after announcing beheadings of Americans. He was absent without leave while our embassy in Libya was under a vicious terrorist attack. He webt to fundraisers in Vegas hours after a national tragedy, where four heroes were killed in Benghaz). He went to film festivals while Russia attacks Ukraine. He goes on vacations while the world…the Middle East…and Ferguson, Missouri burns.

Our commander in chief even tries to order our great ally Israel to stand down while Hamas fires missiles at her citizens. He does nothing to stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb. He laughed when Mitt Romney called Russia our biggest threat and said “the 80’s are calling to ask for their foreign policy back.”

Now Vladimir Putin is laughing and mocking Obama as he restarts the Cold War and threatens to retake all of Eastern Europe. Obama is like a fly on the tail of Russia. No enemy of America cares about anything Obama says. No one fears America under Obama. We’ve become neutered….

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A Week in Jerusalem

I was catching up on news about the violence in the Middle East when the article “My week in Jerusalem when rockets fell on the Holy City”, by Rabbi Abraham Cooper, caught my attention. I think what Rabbi Cooper wrote is compelling, so I had to share it. Here are three paragraphs that I think are particularly salient. Below is a link to the full article.

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