Fuhrer Fauci

On Monday, April 18th, a US District Court judge struck down the CDC mass transit mask mandate. Three days later, in an interview with Kasie Hunt of CNN, Dr. Fauci furthered his qualifications for the more appropriate title of “Fuhrer Fauci”. Here’s part of what he said:

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Truth and Reason Cannot be Cancelled

Truth is reason. In other words, honest reasoning tends to arrive at the truth,
and a refusal to reason is evidence of error.

You can know with certainty that someone is lying, deceiving, or corrupt when they seek to censor, silence or cancel their opposition.

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Liberty Endangerment

An Ohio father was arrested — charged with child endangerment and held on $2,000 bond — for simply posting to Facebook a photo showing himself with his one year old daughter on his lap, while holding a gun in his right hand, pointed away from the child [ref].

Dominic Gaines’ gun turned out to be a BB gun. But that doesn’t matter.

Court documents claimed that “due to the close proximity of the BB gun to the child, there is a substantial risk of physical harm and safety of the child.”