The FBI Goes Gestapo (Again)

Craig Robertson was a very, very dangerous man. Really. Why? He posted online threats against Joe Biden and other government officials. He also owned guns. And a ghillie suit.

The FBI was afraid that Robertson would put on his ghillie suit, slip out of his house, travel 30 miles unseen on urban streets to where Joe Biden was speaking, and sneak up unnoticed in his ghillie suit on the president’s security entourage to carry out his oh-so credible threats.

Why else would a posse of as many as 50 heavily armored and armed-to-the-teeth FBI agents descend upon Robertson’s home on the morning of Biden’s Utah visit, and use a breaching vehicle to break through a wall and window in their effort to neutralize Robertson?

Robertson must have been an imminent threat to President Biden. Or to someone. Anyone. Somebody…

Robertson must have been an imminent threat to President Biden. Or to someone. Anyone. Somebody… Except he wasn’t. At all. Not even a little.

Craig Robertson was a very, very non-threatening man. Really. Why? He was 75 years old, weighed over 300 pounds, and needed a cane to walk. He had such difficulty getting around that he rarely left home.

Were many of Robertson’s social media posts intemperate, ill-advised and idiotic? Absolutely. Should they have been investigated? Yes. Were there credible, imminent threats to anyone? Absolutely not. It was impotent ranting from a man who in all his other interactions with people was described as a generous and kind “teddy bear”.

The FBI knew all this. They’d been surveilling Robertson for a long time. They could have very easily handled the situation in a way that was far less likely to result in shots fired and in Robertson’s death.

They could have arrested him on a prior occasion when he left his home to go to church or to the store.

Or, better yet, on the day of Biden’s visit they could have simply surveilled him to see if he was going to leave home to carry out any of his foolish far-fetched fantasies.

Instead, the FBI turned terrorist when it opted to execute an utterly unnecessary grotesque barbaric political stunt. Their violent and destructive entry into Robertson’s home appears to have been calculated to evoke a violent response that they hoped would justify killing Robertson, and to send an unmistakable message to anyone else who dares breath out threats against the left.

There really isn’t any other explanation for the actions taken.

In the process, they executed a citizen who should have been provided due process.

What the FBI did is what Hitler’s Gestapo did.
It’s what Stalin’s NKVD did.

Due process is not assembling a horde of armed men and bursting into a man’s home to arrest him for something he said. That’s the opposite of due process. What the FBI did is what Hitler’s Gestapo did. It’s what Stalin’s NKVD did.

It sounds like Robertson despised the federal government, including the so-called Department of Justice and the FBI. He had his reasons, which many would consider to be very good reasons, that I think could be summarized as the willful miscarriage of justice and violations of due process and the Constitution in the pursuit of political power and its trappings.

The FBI’s actions against Robertson succeeded in confirming to Robertson, and to many others, that his disdain was justified.

Initial reports were that Robertson had a gun on him when agents barged into his home, and even that he pointed it at them. Later reports claimed that he fired at the agents. I find that hard to believe, given the witness accounts of the gunshots that were heard, and especially because the information is coming from an agency that is spinning everything to the media and the public to attempt to justify a home invasion and killing that were clearly unnecessary.

While it is certainly possible that Robertson made the suicidal choice to brandish or discharge a firearm when the agents invaded his home, I don’t ever expect to see body cam footage showing it happen. Nor do I ever expect to see a shred of evidence that Robertson had plans to carry out any of his threats.

Neither do I expect to hear anybody on the left call for an investigation into the FBI’s actions. Or for the FBI to be defunded. Or for agents to be trained in de-escalation tactics. Or for the FBI to go after people who make death threats against Republicans and conservatives.

These things won’t happen, because the current federal government administration and their leftist allies are hypocrites to the core.