The Homeschoolers Can Stay!

Remember the German family that came to the United States because the German government was punishing them and threatening to take their children from them because they homeschooled them? Things weren’t looking very hopeful for them, after the Obama Administration issued an inexplicable order of removal and the Supreme Court rejected to hear their appeal for asylum.


Since then over 125,000 people signed a White House petition for the Romeike family to receive political asylum in the United States. Now, almost a year later, in a surprising, overdue but welcome about-face, the Department of Homeland Security has informed the family that they have been granted “indefinite deferred action status”, meaning that the removal order would not be acted on, allowing the family to stay. [ref]

Thank goodness. I’m glad that somebody in power has some common sense. It would be ludicrous to deport a family seeking political asylum while at the same time we tolerate and even embrace countless illegal immigrants.

Uwe Romeike, father of the family had this to say:

“We are happy to have indefinite status even though we won’t be able to get American citizenship any time soon. As long as we can live at peace here, we are happy. We have always been ready to go wherever the Lord would lead us—and I know my citizenship isn’t really on earth. This has always been about our children. I wouldn’t have minded staying in Germany if the mistreatment targeted only me—but our whole family was targeted when German authorities would not tolerate our decision to teach our children—that is what brought us here.” [ref]

The decision to allow the family to stay is a victory not just for them and people like them who choose to home school their children. It is a victory for liberty, and for the God-given right loving parents have to teach and raise their children according to their own conscience, free from heavy-handed government control.