The Sound of Guilt

My family and I recently went to the movie theatre and watched the surprise hit movie Sound of Freedom.

What did I think of it? Entertaining and disturbing. Those are two words that Sound of Freedom call to mind.

Another word that now comes to mind is QAnon.

Before watching Sound of Freedom, I knew very, very little about QAnon.

After watching Sound of Freedom, I knew exactly what I knew before: Next to nothing.

Sound of Freedom never mentions QAnon. It never even hints at the alleged conspiracy of elite Hollywood and government-connected pedophiles. It simply exposes and condemns the absolute abomination that is the sex trafficking of children.

So why does Sound of Freedom now make me think of QAnon?

Because critics and opponents of the film have accused Sound of Freedom of perpetuating QAnon conspiracy theories.

To paraphrase Shakespeare, “methinks [they] dost protest too much.” It was only after hearing those protestations that I decided I needed to do a little reading about QAnon.

To paraphrase Shakespeare, “methinks [they] dost protest too much.”

It was only after hearing those protestations that I decided I needed to do a little reading about QAnon.

Do I believe the QAnon conspiracy theories that I’ve read about? I haven’t researched enough to have a strong opinion, but on the surface many of the claims seem outlandish. But what is infinitely more outlandish is the conspiracy theory that Sound of Freedom is a product of QAnon.

Yes. The claim that QAnon is somehow responsible for Sound of Freedom is a conspiracy theory.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Just because you call something a conspiracy theory doesn’t mean there isn’t truth behind the theory.

Likewise, calling QAnon a conspiracy theory doesn’t mean there isn’t truth there.

Ironically, those who criticize Sound of Freedom by linking it with QAnon are validating QAnon more than they are discrediting Sound of Freedom.

Why? Because the movie Sound of Freedom clearly vilifies pedophiles and child sex (with no mention of QAnon), and the only people who could possibly be opposed to such vilification would be those who are sympathetic to it, and those who are involved with or want to protect people who are engaged in the despicable evil practice.

“Nothing to see here,” the sycophant sympathizers say. They want everyone to believe it is all a big conspiracy, that it is a fabrication of fringe lunatic flat-earthers. “Just go about your business, nothing to see here.”

To the pedophiles’ great alarm, Sound of Freedom did the opposite. It raised awareness of and increased opposition to the sexualization and sex trade of children, something so abhorrent that if it happens to one child it would be too many, but that tragically happens to thousands of children every year.

The fact is, there are pernicious people from all walks of life, from every social and economic level, including political, business and entertainment elites, who violate children. And it is an established fact that there are growing movements of depraved perverts who are doing everything possible to sexualize children, and many are seeking to decriminalize sex with children.

Sound of Freedom opened many eyes, and will hopefully lead to stricter laws, increased enforcement, and more severe punishments. Who could be opposed to that? Only pedophiles and those who sympathize with them.

More Food for Thought & Relevant Links

  • Calling something a conspiracy theory is utterly meaningless. It has zero bearing on the truth of what is being labeled and is often a way to deflect and discourage discussion and investigation.
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  • “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” — Luke 17:2