Truth and Reason Cannot be Cancelled

Truth is reason. In other words, honest reasoning tends to arrive at the truth,
and a refusal to reason is evidence of error.

You can know with certainty that someone is lying, deceiving, or corrupt when they seek to censor, silence or cancel their opposition.

Hitler. Stalin. Mao. Fidel Castro. Pol Pot.

These despicable despots censored, silenced and cancelled their opposition. Every idea and fact they disapproved of was disinformation. And they murdered most who dared speak out against them. Their tyranny resulted in the death and misery of 10s of millions, even 100s of millions of innocent people.

The mandate in a free society is not to give freedom to people who agree with you. The essence of liberty is to allow freedom for people who disagree with you.

From “Suffer No Fools”, a biography of Walter E. Williams

Misery and death is the result when those in power are permitted to censor, silence and cancel their opposition. Unfortunately, history repeats itself as the lessons of the past are forgotten.

Today, too many tech tyrants and a so-called “woke” minority
are striving to cancel the Constitution and our First Amendment rights.

The only “disinformation” they tolerate is their own.

How can we combat them?

We must defend the right of those we disagree with to disagree with us.

And we must condemn those who censor and cancel opposing voices,
calling their actions what they are: Evil. Fascist. Tyranny.