Covid-19 Vaccine Truth & Reason

As 2021 (“the year of the vaccines”) wore on I wearily arrived at a couple of conclusions. The first is that the worst thing that Donald Trump did as President was to “warp speed” rush the Covid vaccines. My second conclusion is that the Covid vaccines are, to put it mildly: garbage. Are my conclusions crazy? Or are they Truth & Reason?

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Vaccine Mandates are Never Justified. If the disease is bad enough, and the vaccine is good enough, the vast majority of people will choose to get vaccinated, and the relatively few that don’t won’t matter. In the case of Covid-19, the disease is not bad enough, and the vaccine is far, far from good enough.

When the unvaccinated are compelled to get vaccinated to supposedly protect the already-vaccinated… There’s a serious problem with the so-called “vaccine”.